Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scooter Power

This really has very little to do with restaurants, bars or food except that I ride my scooter to work every day and it's amazing what you can carry on a scooter - produce from the farmers' market, cases of wine, bags of bread, printers from Staples etc.... My scooter may also be responsible for this blog since I started on this project just after I was knocked off the bike and received 'light' injuries to the head!

Be that as it may, I have become very attached to my scooter and less and less attached to the NYC department of transport. It's somewhat confusing how in this day and age, with rising fuel costs etc, the city should ignore and even actively discourage the use of scooters. There are no scooter parks in NYC, if you park between cars you often get knocked over, if you park on the sidewalk you get fined the same amount that a car does (the DOT is neither sizeist nor wheelist in this respect).

If you leave for more than a few days, the only really legal option you have is to garage your scooter and guess what - it costs as much for a scooter as a car.

There are a few tricks (none of which I would use of course!). Take the number plate off when you park on the sidewalk (they can still track you down with a VIN number - but it's hard for a ticket to stick if there's no number plate), cover the scooter (if anyone uncovers it you can claim it's been damaged so they tend to leave it alone) , find an area where there are obviously lots of other scooters and bikes - it normally means the traffic cops are more lenient!

LATEST UPDATE:  Be very careful how you park!  I just got a ticket for parking with my front wheel to the curb, as opposed to my back wheel! Hmmmmmm - I rest my case.

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Ajlouny said...

Unfair that a scooter would get the same penalty that a car would. You stay safe.