Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time Out for Hunger and the Tap Project

Looking for a good cause to support? There are a couple linked to the restaurant industry coming up in March.

Check out the Time Out For Hunger on Sunday March 8th when 10% of participating restaurant proceeds will go to the Food Bank of New York City to help New Yorkers at risk of hunger.

Many restaurants already offer great deals on Sundays anyway (see 2009 Recession article below) so here's another reason to frequent them on the 8th March - just make sure they're still offering the deals on that day!

Also watch out for world water week coming up March 22nd to 28th. During this week UICEF organises a nationwide Tap Water Project whereby diners in participating restaurants are asked to donate a $1 for their tap-water. Click here to view participating restaurants and to find out more about this great project.

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